Time Out on 'Tween Tantrums

You have to feel for any mom whose kid is going through puberty. On Monday you're dealing with Sweet Susie, but by Tuesday she's morphed into Impossible Irene. It's normal.


But just because a lot of the resistance, attitude and frustration you get from your 'tween is par for the course, doesn't make it any easier to deal with. An anonymous mom recently asked a pressing 'tween question many of you would love an answer to. Her 10-year-old has started telling her "NO!"--and mom's at her wit's end. She simply wants to know what to do.

Now, a few moms immediately said take everything away from her (favorite clothes, TV, etc.) and make her earn them back by showing more respectable behavior--a plan that may actually work. But I was struck by the balance in what  LovingParent08 had to say: "I would start by asking her how she's feeling? What's going on? Is there anything she wants 2 talk about & let her lead the conversation. This way, she'll know u recognize somethings changed & that she can talk 2 u but I would also reinforce 2 her that it doesn't excuse her behavior and that rules r rules & not following them has consequences which is taking things away from her." Indeed, because of the topsy turvy life phase 'tweens are in, it seems dialogue (rooted in their feelings) can often be a great first course of action.Then if she says "no" to that--uh, put her out! LOL!!! How have you handled 'tween drama?

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