Dressing Girls Too Maturely

earrings, tweens

photo by rockerchic

Now these are cute for a tween!

The visceral reaction that any post I do on Bratz dolls gets, leads me to believe that for the most part, moms don't like the idea of endorsing mature looks for young girls. Well a recent question by an anonymous mother asking, "What do you think about 11-year-olds wearing huge hoop earrings?" stuck with me.


Since time began little girls have been trying to figure out ways to look and feel older. But tweens especially--many of them already physically developed--run the risk of looking a bit cheesy, if you will, when they do the grown thing. Now, I'm no prude and I really do believe in self-expression, but I think it is important for moms to instill taste--not tackiness in their daughters.

I've seen girls who IMO were entirely too young in makeup, heels, push-up bras, the works. Perhaps hoop earrings are a compromise, but combined with too much else, I'd pull the reins on that one.

What do you think about this? Are large hoops too much for a tween?

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