Get Out!: All Kids Need Their Space

bedroom, siblings

My children share a room, and for the most part, really do enjoy each other's company. But there are times when my 5-year-old wants a break from his little brother. Sometimes he just wants to do his art in peace or play with his animal toys without sharing. But when he gets testy with his brother, I usually come down on him about "being nice." As a big sister myself--one who was fiercely protective of her own space--I realize that I've got to be a lot more sensitive to my older son's need for private time.


Momof2Stepof3 has a similar issue. Her children don't share a room but end up together a lot. Recently her daughter told her son to "Get out of my room!" She was frustrated with him and started pushing and hitting him to leave. Of course, the shoving match isn't acceptable, but what momof2 really wants to know is: should she allow her kids to kick each other out  of their respective rooms? Her own mother thinks it's a bad idea, and that she should never let the kids do that. I'm not sure the reasoning here. It seems to me if they have their own space, then all the more reason to respect their need for alone time.

What do you think? Should kids be allowed to say "Get out!" to their sibs? How do you protect your children's need for space?

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