Miley Cyrus Book a Hit With Fans


Miley Cyrus book

photo by Amazon

I have to admit that I have a thing for Miley Cyrus--and get this, I've never seen an episode of Hannah Montana in my life. But the truth is, there is something about this teenager that's truly endearing to me. She has a natural confidence and a realness that comes across in her interviews that I admire in young women--and I was one of the few that wasn't all weirded out by her Vanity Fair photos.


The release of Cyrus' new autobiographical book, Miles to Go, is great news for her fans. Apparently she dishes about her "fairytale" love (at 12, mind you) with Nick Jonas and she talks about the hazing and bullying she endured when in school.

I personally think every teenage girl should write an autobiography. When your older, it's so great to remember life as you saw it back then!

Do your kids love Miley Cyrus? Think you'll get the book?

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