Has Your Kid Ever Had Stitches?


stitches, injuryI ask because I'm on my way to the emergency room for my 3-year-old to likely get some. His lip is torn--not cut--torn, thanks to a tug of war (obviously lost) with his older brother using a Tae Kwon Do belt. Why?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Has you child ever had stitches?

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Cymbe... Cymbeline

Both of my boys have had stitches in their foreheads. My oldest, was around 15 months, and was sitting on my bed, and yelling "PEEK A BOO", as he turned around to me. I was nursing my daughter at the time, and couldn't catch him when he fell off of the bed on one of his turns. He hit his head on my chair.

My youngest was running, and being chased by his brother, and we believe pushed by him as well. He hit the corner of the wall in our living room.

It's a little rough, as they have they have to strap them down completely, and clean/numb the area. If you're the squeamish type, I suggest sitting down while holding his hand.

balag... balagan_imma

My itty bitty dd had stitches at 6 months! She head butted DH who was trying to get her down for a nap. She caught her cheek on his glasses and there was blood everywhere. By the time I got her to the ped she just wanted to sleep and was really ticked off when I had to hold her down for the anesthetic. 5 stitches in my 12 lb daughter (they were just really starting to use the super glue stuff but it was too close to her eye.) 9 years later you can't even see the scar but DH still feels guilty.

bless... blessed5x

My youngest had 5/8th of his lung removed and had stitches due to that surgery.  My #4 had staples in his head from a bike fall accident! 

frogg... froggymom726

My oldest has had 11 stitches across the back of his leg when the tree he was climbing in threw him out, he also had 5 stitches in the front of the other leg when he slipped on a nail.  My third child has had 15 stitches in his thumb when he put his hand through the window.  Thank god neither of my girls have had any!! (yet)

Bounc... BouncinTigger

doctorMy six year old daughter had 5 stitches put in her knee when she was 5. She was runnin' thru the hall (after I had told her not to, of course), she fell & slid into the metal strip that's between the carpet & vinyl. She ripped her knee open on one of the tacks.

mayomom4 mayomom4

when my 11 year old son was 2 he thought he was superman and jumped off our couch and hit his head on our coffee table he had to get 6 stitches . he also had the have the glue stitches twice .....but he is the only one out of my four kids to ever have stitches so far .....that has been a relief.

zachy... zachysmommy04

my son was 2 when I was cleaning out my cupboards and I threw a broken glass candle stick in a box. My mistake!! He jump in the box to play and the candle cut a huge gash in his BUTT. I freaked out of course. So he got like 6 stitches. It took three of us to hold him down as he screamed till his face was purple. The worst was to come though when he had them taken out. The stupid doctor that put them in messed them up and they were inbedded in good skin or something like that. So it took 3 hours to get out six stitches.  During that it took 2 men and 3 women to hold him down. We actually had to take breaks because he wore us out!!!! Now he has a big raised scare on his little tuss.LOL.

Zanny Zanny

My 5 year old had 4 on her forehead,  I actually got to hold her on my lap, and calmed her down, before the doctor did the stitches... I got her calm, they put the novacaine in her, and then I rubbed her arm, and we calmed down again... then I told her to shut her eyes, and I would rub her hair... We never ssaid the word needle, hurt, or stitch, until after it was over... The doctor just stitched her up while her eyes were shut, and she calmed down.... then I bought her a Barbie

RanaA... RanaAurora

No, thank god.  For everything this kid's done to himself, we've never taken a trip to the ER (other than when he was a newborn, but that wasn't injury-related).

jcsmummy jcsmummy

my 4 year old daughter has had 3 open heart surgeries, plus stitches in her chin from falling up concrete steps.  

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