The Cost of Watching Television

photo by JayGirlsMom

Imagine cutting one of your regular bills by 3/4. That's what frugaldad --a money and parenting blogger I really dig--did.  The bill in question happened to be cable. He went from spending $46/per month to $12. In January of 2008 he and his family decided to make the sacrifice of going from expanded cable with premium channels to a basic cable package for whole year.


He writes: We survived that year without expanded cable service, and only missed the channels a few times. In fact, as the year wore on we hardly missed those channels at all. We all made sacrifices.  My wife gave up TLC and some of her favorite shows (Jon and Kate Plus 8, Little People, Big World, etc.).  My kids gave up the Disney Channel, the Cartoon Network, etc. I survived (barely) an entire college football season without ESPN, and a highly-charged presidential election without cable news.

What I love most that frugaldad discovered during the year that his family lived on basic cable, was that they had more quality family time together--and they appreciated the channels they did have. For example, he watched PBS for the first time since childhood--and what do you know? They had a few shows on there he really liked!

Do you have premium cable channels? Would getting rid of them be worth the savings?

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