Special Needs Make Puberty More Challenging

mom hugging daughterA child without special needs issues going through puberty can turn the most calm household into a drama-zone. When hormones take over your kid, sometimes it takes all a parent has to keep from going crazy themselves.


But when you combine puberty with special needs issues--as is the case for theparksmama01's child--there are a lot of major challenges and possible repercussions to every decision a mother makes.Theparks has a 12-year old daughter who has multiple issues--down syndrome, deafness, ADHA and OCD. She goes to a special school during the week and comes home on weekends.

The daughter has had behavioral issues at  home and school in the past, but with the onset of puberty, everything seems to have escalated. On one visit home her daughter literally tried to suffocate her younger sister by placing a pillow over her head and sitting on it!  Dad put her in time out for quite awhile--mom wasn't home. Now her Ritalin dose has been pumped up and they are considering a psychiatrist.

Another option suggested by their doctor, however, is a med called Risperdal--an antipsychotic drug, that works by changing the chemical effects in the brain. Needless to say, this mom is frustrated, concerned, and needs support and advice. For more on this topic check out the conversation over in the Moms Parenting Special  Needs Kiddos group.

If anyone has a child on Risperdal, PM this mom so she can compare notes! Otherwise, please share your story of getting through puberty with a special needs child.


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