School Bus Bullies, Part 2

school bus, bulliesAs part of my job here at CafeMom, I try to pay close attention to what moms of big kids are talking about. We love to talk relationship stuff, teenage drama, kindergarten questions and lots of other things, but one issue I see pop up too much for comfort is the issue of school bus bullies. I see it so much I'm writing about it again.


Lots of moms around here bear witness to this troubling trend, so if  your child is experiencing this, you are not alone...

bookworm65 says, "I've dealt with bullying on the bus with all 3 of my children. I went to the principal & when it was not taken care of in the proper manner I decided to just drive my kids to & from school everyday. I also got a p/t job as a Noon Duty at their school as well as volunteering in all 3 of their classrooms. It helped put an end to it."

leelee107 says, "Well actually my sister has dealt with this on the bus with her oldest. A older boy kept grabbing her sons ears and pulling them. My sister finally told the bus driver if you don't move my son or the other kid I am going to start riding the bus to make sure my son is safe. Then she went to the school superintendent."

nolika625 says, "Yes in my area it's common. If you are concerned, make a point to speak with the bus driver. If something happens and the bus driver shrugs it off go to the school. My niece had a bully problem and no one would do anything about it until my sister actually talked to the child's parents, and when that didn't work--she told my niece to handle it herself. Sometimes where they live (in the middle of nowhere land) that's the only way something gets resolved. We don't support fighting at all but if it comes to it then it comes to it.


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What's the deal with this school bus bullying thing? Is this a social epidemic? How have you handled this problem?

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