Constantly Hungry Kids

eating, overweight kids

photo by BusyBee908


Every now and then I stumble upon a post that reminds me there are few parenting issues I have that some other mother hasn't also faced. In the mommy game, we are never really alone. In this case, I realize I have a shared dilemma with the anonymous mother who wrote: "Would you/do you feed your child more food after they just had a full plate?"


The truth is, my son has me a little worried. He's always hungry! Just like anon, we are a pretty healthy eating family; none of us have weight issues. But my 5-year-old kindergartner wants another PB&J, another bowl of oatmeal, another piece of chicken. I learned once from a nutritionist that it takes between 15-20 minutes for your stomach to tell your brain that it's full, and so I never feed him a second serving of anything until that time has passed. Sometimes I don't feed him anything else at all. But it's happened where he literally cries. 

Unlike anon's 5-year old who is 40 lbs and 42 inches, mine is 50 lbs and 44 inches. You probably wouldn't look at him and say, "That kid is overweight," but his BMI is creeping up and his belly is too big for clothes that fit him in length. Instead of wearing a 6, my son needs a 7. His pants are rolled up at the bottom all the time. This issue with controlling weight and appetite is honestly something I never thought I'd deal with, and so I'm sincerely at a loss. Now I closely watch his portions, and try to give him less juice and more water. It's a terrible feeling to deny your child food when he says he's hungry--but in my mind, there's no way you should be hungry all the time. I'm really determined to get in front of this problem before it's a bigger (no pun intended) one. But I clearly need help.

Is your child constantly hungry? How do you deal with it?

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