Potty Mouth Big Kids: When a Child Curses at You

cursing, foul-mouthed

Should she wash her mouth out with soap?

An anonymous mother posted a long note about her 12-year-old daughter's disrespectful ways. I could summarize it all here, but what you need most to know is that she slams doors in her mother's and father's faces and she tells them to "f--k yourself" and "f--k off!"



In the over 50 responses to this post, I've learned some things about CM moms. We fall into two camps. Those that believe a kid who talks like that to her parents is obviously asking to die, and those that think this is something to be understood and worked through. Of course, I exaggerate on the first count, but you know what I mean.

Earlier in the year, my post entitled, "Shut Up, Mom!" Disrespectful Kids fired a lot of you up too. But it got me thinking, is there a middle ground here? If you haven't walked in a parent's shoes who has actually had to deal with something like this, it's hard to know. I tend to fall in the "that kid must want to die" category (but then again I havent experienced this as a parent), because growing up in my house the thought never crossed my mind to talk to my parents that way. I'd rather eat worms than think about the consequences.

Speaking of consequences, a few mothers responded with ideas for some when a child curses you out. A couple of  good ones...

First, don't let her walk away, don't let her speak. You state your ground. "You will NOT disrespect me or your father by talking that way." I don't know if you spank, but I do and she would get one of those. At that age, you have to instill fear and respect in them, so if you have to turn into Shrek, then turn into Shrek, because that is craziness. Also, TAKE EVERY SINGLE THING OUT OF HER ROOM. No TV, no cell, no comp...just a bed and dresser, and take the door off the hinges. She can earn them back. Disrespect and foul language is something that is not accepted in my house and is not taken lightly. You gotta step up and show her who runs that house. Don't worry about her being upset or being too harsh. You are her mother...you gave her birth...she does not have ANY right to disrespect you or your husband.-- YanniSmoMMy

First, take her door off the hinges...no more slamming the door in your face. Second, if she's going to have a mouth like an adult then let her be one at home such as....let her do her own laundry, let her fix her own meals, don't offer to take her anywhere....you can make it hard enough on her that she will break that crap. If she gets all pissy and asks why you won't do things for her tell her, "You don't have to", just like she told you. Sometimes a dose of their own medicine works wonders. --Southerncharmes

What do you think a mother should do whose child disrespects her and curses her out?

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