Kids Who Won't Eat Veggies

vegetables, diet, healthy livingMy mother, a total veggie cheerleader, swears that I don't feed my kids enough vegetables. Mind you, my kids eat something green at dinner every night no matter what. But if it were up to her, we'd be practically having salads three times a day! Over the years I've decided that the raw vegetable fight in my house was not worth it (sorry Mommy), so our veggie menu consists of mostly cooked vegetables--usually grilled asparagus, steamed green beans and broccoli, and good old-fashioned collard greens.


Mom michelleyuce, has a different story. She can't get her elementary school-aged kid to eat vegetables at all; consequently her son gets sick a lot and and she's at a real loss for what to do. Unfortunately, this struggle to get children to eat vegetables is a common dilemma. A few moms offered some good advice for dealing with non-veggie eating kids, so I'm happy to pass it along. I do think it's important to mention, however, that parents have to eat their veggies too! If the kids don't see you eating your fair share of vegetables, there's little chance you'll get them to "bite" the idea!

  • Buy the book Deceptively Delicious!--MamaChamp
  • You can disguise the veggies in his food. I put carrots and spinach in the food processor and then add it to my spaghetti and lasagna sauce. I also add it to meatloaf. The kids don't know it's there and don't taste it.--boizmom
  • Finely chopped vegetables can be added to ground beef or turkey for hamburgs and meatloaf. Tomatoes are in pizza, spaghetti and other similar pasta dishes.  A standard recommendation that I see is to have the child help pick out vegetables at the grocery store, and help prepare them, then he'll be more inclined to eat them.--Bmat
  • I wouldn't trick him. I would cook dinner and tell him he doesn't get any thing else unless he eats at least a few bites of everything. He has to eat all of it if he wants a snack.--TanyaR1024

Do you have a tough time getting your kids to eat vegetables? Any more good ideas to help other moms dealing with veggie-hating kids?

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