Do You Have Life Insurance?


Tiffani, I will love you eternally...

Perhaps it's the last thing on your mind right now. Life insurance. It's hard enough making ends meet (do they ever really meet?), but recently I had a flash of my own mortality and it has me really thinking: If something happened to me, would my family be okay?


Last Sunday, my best friend from college, Tiffani passed away. She had complications from Lupus. We met when I was 18, she was 19, and let me tell you, Tiff and I fell crazy hard for each other right from the start. Of course, I don't mean in any romantic way, but totally in that "I feel like I've known you all of my life" way that only destined true girlfriends can sense in each other. We were freshmen know-it-alls with big dreams and high heels--we had our whole lives ahead of us.

Losing Tiffani is such a shocking and devestating reality to face for me. She was vibrant and vivacious to say the least. She was a health-nut and avid swimmer. She was a style-maven--a bootylicious fashionista before either term had been coined. She had, I swear, the most beautiful hands. When you lose a peer, you lose a part of yourself. It's impossible for me to look at life the same ever again.

There is something else that Tiffani was. A mother. She leaves behind a 5-year-old daughter (born two days before my oldest son)--and no life insurance. What happens now?

Before you cast aspersions on her, save them for me. I also have no life insurance. I suppose that many people with their lives and finances totally in order can't imagine such a thing. Yet it's real for me and my family. After I left a big job with a big company, the life insurance I had went with it. I've been "getting around" to getting life insurance again for three years. But as the bills mounted, adding another one to the pile just wasn't the move. I suddenly feel very different now. A need for life insurance is urgent for me. I'm not sure how we'll pay for it. But we are a two-income family, and if, God-forbid, something were to happen to me, without life insurance I don't know how my husband would make it. I can't imagine the sacrifices my children would have to make overnight. I'm sharing this not because I'm in the state of mind to take a lashing, but because perhaps this is something you need to think about in these very real terms too.

Moms, I sincerely thank you all for letting me talk about my girl, Tiff. She was an awesome, awesome woman. A force of nature; I'm certain the world is poorer for her loss.

Do you have life insurance?

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