Child Abuse Scenario: What Would You Do?

parking lot, child abuseChild abuse scenario: You've had a super long day.  A super long day with cranky kids, age 7 and 8, who are fighting over anything and everything for no apparent reason at all other than to drive you nuts. As you walk to your car in the mall parking lot  with them screaming behind you, (thinking to yourself how you will never bring your kids out with you again!) you see another mother really losing her temper with a child close in age to yours. At first she's yelling. Then you hear a few curse words. She's a few cars away, so when she bends down to get something--initially you're not sure what it is. But it's her shoe! Before you know it, she is wailing on the kid with her shoe hitting him everywhere--even on his head.



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Have you ever seen a parent abusing a child and not been sure what to do?

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