TV in Your Child's Room?

television, kids roomIf you've put a television in your child's room, you are certainly not alone. According to a Washington Post parenting blogger, forty-three percent of school-aged children have a television in their rooms. That's a lot of remote-having kids.


Although it's commonplace, there are some possible negative effects to having a TV in a child's room. Several studies suggest that TV hampers kids academic skills (one even found that kids watching the most TV between 5-15 were least likely to graduate from high school or college by 26!)--and a television in the bedroom may even be a contributor to lost sleep at night.

If this sounds too alarmist and you would never consider removing your child's television from his or her room, be sure to monitor what they watch--and how much. Experts say that is crucial.


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Do you think that having a TV in your kid's room may be having a negative effect on your child?

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