Don't Let Kids Waste a Day Off--Get Creative!

Let's face it, holidays like today--Columbus Day--while important to many families, generally don't rank up there with the other biggies. That is, for most of us, no family is flying in from out of town, and chances are you haven't been slaving in the kitchen working on the big Columbus Day feast.


But the thing is, the kids are still off from school and without some kind of plan about how they will spend their day, they are bound to spend their precious time in front of a television set or video game. Think again!  Days off on holidays like today, or say, a snow day, can really be all about constructive play. There are even kid-cool, stay-at-home activities specifically for Columbus Day.  With a little creativity you can turn a couch potato day into one filled with learning and loads of fun. So happy Columbus Day! What are some creative things your kids do on their days off?

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