Should I Let My Kid Model?


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Look at those eyes!

I suppose every parent thinks their own child is the most beautiful thing in the world. And they are! But there are times when your child's looks and personality are so alluring that even strangers remark. Wow! You should put him in commercials. Goodness, she's gorgeous!

Be warned however, the fashion and entertainment industries are notorious for exploiting kids and families. If you don't know anything about them, but think it might be a good move for your child, or if you have a child like momofmad who has her tweenage heart set on modeling, first you should know the cardinal rule. NEVER PAY MONEY.

No reputable agency of any type--acting, modeling or otherwise, will ask for cash up front. Your child is the commodity and if an agent really believes in their ability to book work, they will help them achieve that goal--and their payment will be a percentage (usually between 15% and 25%) of what your child earns. There are no exceptions to this; if an agency asks you to pay first for pictures or any other service, move on.

In momofmad's case, her 11-year-old daughter has been badgering her forever to help her get started modeling. So without her daughter knowing, mom sent off pics to an agency. They responded quickly, and at first mom thought it was just a stock letter. But now the agency is being very direct and requesting that she bring her daughter in. Now mom feels her family wouldn't support this decision, moreover, she's just not sure this is a path she wants to set her daughter on.

Let's say this place is legit (which we still don't know because they could ask for money once she is actually in the office), I think momofmad is right to give a decision like this a lot of thought. Here's why:

  • Rejection. When kids go on "go-sees" or auditions, there can be a lot of very direct rejection. Not tall enough, too big, crooked nose, etc. You should know before you subject your child to the type of rejection that agencies and clients often dish out, whether or not your kid is cut for that. Ask yourself if your child's self esteem will still be in place if someone says they are not good enough?
  • Time. Presupposing your child really does have "it," the next question would be are you willing to help him/her balance the time it will take to embark on a career, against the time it takes to be successful at school? Also consider that being a stage or model mom is very demanding on your time as well. If you have more than one child, this could really become an issue.
  • Values. We've all seen kids in the public eye that have made some hairy decisions. There are a lot of influences in the world of entertainment and fashion, some that you might not agree with. Is your child headstrong enough to resist negative influences? Do you think she has the maturity to remember who she really is if she were to suddenly made a lot of money or became somewhat famous?

Once you go through this check list, if you still think your kid's got what it takes, go for it! For a child that knows that entertainment or modeling is truly for them, it can be an exhilarating, rewarding journey! Good luck!

Would you let your kid model?

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Kalis... KalisMommy

YES, actually we are in the process of trying to find an agency!

Trixi... Trixiebelle2

Children should not work. I don't think child actors are great either.

maxen... maxensmom

max was offered to join a modeling agency based in the northwest. we accepted the offer (obviously, we paid nothing) but it is a lot of work and we aren't really pursuing it.

if an offer comes up, we will take it, but we're not going out of our way for it!

fluud7 fluud7

absolutely NOT. my children will NOT model regardless of how adorable they may be.

i dated a guy in high school whose parents would not let him model when someone was interested. i didn't understand why at the time, but i can definitely see it now that i have my own children.

we want our children to grow up in a godly home with morals and values - NOT Hollywood!

krist... kristal2146

I think its ok to do baby modeling with your child, as long as you save the money for them and let them use it for important things like college and future goals. I think if it is to be pursued as an older child it should only be if the child really wants to, and only if they keep up at school.

paige... paigesmommy5264

No- I do not find in appropriate to dress up little girls like women and flaunt them...

roses... rosesNclovers

I'm considering doing it for my son. I just don't know where to start, and as cute as he is, he has a feeding tube in his stomach and don't know how much that would influence people's decision.

aapye aapye

No I never think children should be subject to that. They should not work.  My DD was the same way and my MIL even took her to an agency behind my back. I was peeved

zachy... zachysmommy04

We took our son to a model agency and we ended up having to pay $150 to make a photo collage for the other agencies. We did this like in Nov. and never heard anything back. Actually I am kinda glad. The owner only picked the most well behaved kids. I felt like my son had to be a mute robot for him to get picked. I am glad he was picked because he listens but they went a little far. Some people brought like 6 month old babies and all because the babies were crying they were asked to leave the room and not picked. BABIES CRY. And kids talk, that the way they are.

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