Teenage Heartache

Your teen daughter has locked herself in her bedroom, refusing to eat, and is blasting love songs on her CD player. Sounds like someone's going through a breakup.



jambajoy is trying to figure out how to handle her daughter's heartache in Answers.

Here are what a few moms suggested:

coala"Leave her to come to terms with what happened and let her know that you are there when she is ready to talk. If the lines of communication are open, then she is more likely to come and talk when she is ready. "

saltycoqui: "I recall that when my mom waited for me to cool down from anything, she would cook something I liked. I would come out of my room when I smelled something yummy. Of course I was probably very hungry by then. Good luck. I try to remember to stock up on patience with my own kids, too."

dixieQT: "If she wants to go out with her friends, you should definitely let her ... being cooped up in the house alone makes it way worse, but going out and having fun makes you feel a lot better! When she is ready she will come talk to you, all girls love heart-to-hearts with their moms, no matter how old! Clear your schedule if she does, though, do not say you're busy or blow her off. That will make things a lot worse."

 It's hard to see them hurting. I remember my first broken heart. I was in the 9th grade and his name was Josh. I walked around like a zombie for days and truly believed I would never "love" again. *sigh* Oh memories of high school love.

Have your teens had their hearts stomped on? How'd you handle it? Do you remember your first heartbreak?

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