Texting While Driving


texting while drivingNo one likes to admit to this, but we all know someone who texts while driving. On that note, read this jolting post that Galdarisimom put up in Advice for Moms. It's about a 3-year-old who almost lost his life because of someone texting while driving. I can't verify the authenticity of the information. But the truth is, even if it is made up, it's something serious to think about.

For moms that have teens on the road, this is an especially critical issue.  It's reported that 66 percent of drivers between 18-24 text while driving when they are alone. This is no small deal. I remember an episode of Dr. Phil on this subject. A teenage boy had killed someone because he was texting while driving. And the reality is, not only did he take that person's life, but he altered his life forever as well. Even more shocking, in Rochester, New York,  five teenage girls were killed in a collision with a tractor trailer only one week after graduation. Why? Texting while driving.

Currently, only two states--Washington and New Jersey--have legally banned the practice, but at least 16 more states are following suit. Texting while driving may seem innocuous in the moment; it just seems so easy to hit someone back while you are on your way to the mall. But this is one of those things where it's just not worth learning the dangers the hard way. Spread the word to teen drivers. I hate to be cliche, but the life they save might be their own.

Do you or your teen text while driving? Why do you think it is so hard to stop? Feel free to post anonymously.

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RanaA... RanaAurora

Absolutely, positively NOT.
NO text message is worth it, and I'd be a poor excuse for a mother if I texted while my children were in the car and got them hurt, wouldn't I?

If I had a teen who I caught doing it, they'd lose their car or their phone.

emslala emslala

I agree wholeheartedly with Rana... NO text message is worth my child's life.
I do text if I am parked in a parking lot or stopped at a red light though. But once I leave the parking lot or the light turns green, I put the phone down whether I am done with the message or not.
If I ever caught my teen texting while driving, they would lose their license AND the phone. Driving is a privledge, not a right!

no1co... no1coachmom

When driving you need to concretrate on driving only.

It is not worth putting your life or anyone else's life in danger.

I hope they outlaw multitasking.

You should drive and only drive.

mama_... mama_k228

Is it possible to have a phone without text capability?  That's what I'd get if my DD was texting and driving.  If not, she'd lose car privileges.

Tracys2 Tracys2

I am old as dirt, so no, I don't text or use the phone (unless and only while I'm totally stopped). I don't look at the radio if I change channels and I don't look at passengers when I talk to them. Maybe some people can, but most of us can't and I have 3 kids to live for!

chick... chickaboom73

hello people----you need your hands and your eyes to drive and to text

can we figure this out? hand to eye coordination can only be used to do one activity at a time since they involve multi-tasking...hhheeellloooo anybody out there?

heath... heather.darin

If you have at&t You CAN have text shut off it will not allow incoming or outgoing!! This is how my daughters phone WILL be set up when she is older.

Kids need to concentrate on one thing at a time. And nobody should text while their car is moving!! I 100% agree

krist... kristal2146

I agree.. I'll admit I tried texting when I was driving once, (in a semi-emergency) I couldn't concentrate and it scared me so I won't do it anymore! I wouldn't want to risk my life or my daughters life.. or anyone's life for that matter!

LoriW LoriW

This takes multi tasking to a very stupid level. I have been guilty of talking and driving, but I put my phone where I can get it without looking, I don't take my eyes off of the road for a second. There have been times that my phone has fallen to the floor, that's where it stays until I stop, ringing or not. I always have my children with me while driving, I could never put their lives in danger, or any other drivers. There will probably be a law soon prohibiting this, when it should be common sense.

singl... singlparent2001

no texting,no cell,no nothing while driving but paying attention to what you're doing and what's going on around you. no distractions please while driving. enough goes on in the car itself with out adding any complications.

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