Military School: Why Your Child Should Go

Photo by Hasbro

"I don't know what I've been told, but my teen's bad behavior is getting old."


Okay, so not the original military march chant lyrics, but many moms throw up their hands in surrender to their teens' lack of respect.

And for many of them, the thought of sending their children to military school sounds awfully inviting.

So what is military school all about? Is it pure discipline or is there another side that we never hear about? Are there reasons parents send their children besides misbehavior?

indysownlilbit responded to an anonymous question posted in Answers asking about people's military school experiences: "I am 26 but went to military school for two years. I was rebellious and did not have any interest in academics. Military school straightened me out.

It teaches you your interpersonal goals with discipline. I went from a 1.6 to a 3.8 GPA in two months, and it really helped me discipline-wise to listen to my parents and authority figures. I honestly think it made me stronger and made me realize what I was capable of in a positive way."

Contrary to popular belief, military schools aren't just about whipping the unruly into shape. Lots of parents choose to send their kids to military schools to help them pursue a career in the armed forces and/or they prefer the military lifestyle of strict structure and discipline.

Zarsmom: "I think military school is awesome. Since DH and I are in the Army, we have military school here at home. My daughter, 10, knows we DON'T PLAY, and we have an arsenal of military tactics that can be used to get her back in line."'

Are you considering sending your child to military school -- or is one enrolled already? Are you doing it for behavioral issues or some other rationale?

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