Should Kids Contribute to Family Finances in Tough Times?

teens getting a job

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Hi everyone! Cafe Cynthia here paying a visit to Big Kid Buzz today.

I got my first job at age 14, mucking stalls, lugging grain, and grooming dirty horses. I was paid $3.50 an hour, and worked harder than I have my entire life. And I was in paradise.

Okay, so I loved horses and would do anything to be around them. I'm from a blue collar family where money was always tight, and having a horse of my own was just not in the cards.

With the job, I was not only making extra cash and deriving all the psychological benefits that come from self sufficiency and independence, I also got the great fringe benefit of getting to ride anytime I wanted! I may not have been rich, but I sure felt that way.


My money was my own -- I got to spend it any way I liked. After all, at $3.50 an hour, the salary was pretty much symbolic. A week's worth wasn't even enough to buy bread, milk and cheese for the week.

But I wonder, in this economy when jobs are so scarce, if tweens or teens should be asked to chip in to the kitty to get the family through? Are your kids contributing in some way, or is this just plain old medieval?


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