Does Your Kid Hate to Wash?

hygiene, dirty kids

photo by DeeGillette

Dirty but cute!

Who was that kid in Charlie Brown's Peanut crew that walked around like a puff of dirt? You have to laugh when you think about dirty kids, but sometimes it's a really frustrating thing for mother who realizes that her child seriously does not like the act of washing/bathing/showering or anything that equals hygiene.


In my very unscientific analysis, I'd say when this happens to kids it's mostly during the early tween years. And boys tend to be worse culprits. But of course, there are exceptions. My 3-year-old has suddenly decided he doesn't like to wash up. He'll take a bath, but standing at the sink for a little bird bath is totally not his thing. "Okay, just my face mommy. Just my face."

Do you have a kid that hates to wash? What's the deal with that?!

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