My Baby Is Getting Her Period!

talking to your tween about menstruationHey, everyone, this is Cafe Cynthia paying a visit to Big Kids today!

My mother would kill me if she knew I told you this, so hush is the word ... When I was a teen, Mom did not handle the whole "menstruation" talk all that great. Or, I should say, lack of talk.

My mom wasn't good about uncomfortable or embarrassing subjects, especially those related to any type of reproductive organ, so she just avoided it.


Long story short, I learned what I needed to about menstruation from my sex ed teacher and my friends, and I turned out okay in the end. That was a long time ago. Today, my parents are a lot more forthcoming, and I can talk to my mom about everything and (almost) anything.

But I'm still a little blown away when I learn about such open and proactive moms like an anonymous mother I stumbled across in the Advice for Moms group.

Her daughter just turned 11, and for the past few days the girl has cramps for no reason, and several of the other classic symptoms as well.

"I have had the talk with her (all day)," rthe mom says. "I looked up things on the Internet and we went over them together. And she has asked a lot of questions. I just hope I have answered them right and made her feel at ease with all of this. She is just a little girl still. This just snuck up and smacked me!"

rosa3 is worried that she hasn't done enough -- enough! -- to prepare her daughter for her first period. If only she could have given advice to my mom ...

Other moms agreed she has all the bases covered, but I thought mrswhitey07 added a great footnote:

"Also let her know she can always come to you and talk. Remember her hormones will be raging, so don't punish her for liking boys, just explain and emphasize boundaries and what is acceptable and not.

"When I was showing symptoms, my mom had me wear a panty liner to bed because girls tend to start their cycles in the beginning when their bodies are relaxed, while they are sleeping most likely. Good luck with the future teenager!"

++Did you have the menstruation talk with your tween or teen daughter yet? Did you do it differently than your mom did? What types of questions did your daugther ask you?

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