Baby Daddy Drama: 13-Year-Old May Not Be Father of UK Baby

13-year-old British boy has babyOy.

Was the original drama about the UK boy,  13-year old Alfie Patten fathering a child with his 15-year old girlfriend Chantelle Steadman not enough? I was floored when I heard the story originally; just the thought of such young kids making a baby is beyond sad--it also reeks of parental neglect. The 13-year-old suspected dad was actually 12 when his girlfriend conceived!


But now there is a new layer to the story. A 16-year-old boy has also stepped forward with claims of the being baby Maisie Roxanne's dad.

Britain's the News of the World, recently reported that Richard Goodsell, also claims to be  Maisie's father.

"I know I could be the father. Everyone thinks I am. My friends all tell me that baby has my eyes -- even my mum thinks so.

"Only a DNA test is going to sort this out properly. If I am the father, I have the right to know," he told the News of the World.

Stedman is denying the possibility of Goodsell's claim, lest she not only lose the money that's been promised her for sharing her scandalous story with the tabloids, but also her reputation.

I really wonder how rare this is, super young kids parenting a child. I suspect it happens more than we know. What do you think about this story? Should the parents be somehow held accountable?

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