Chimp Attack: Should Kids Have Exotic Pets?

snake, exotic petsMy 5-year-old son, the animal lover, got scratched by our cat last weekend. He really loves the cat, but as he cried me a river about the long scratch on his arm, he said, "Mommy, I think we should give away Cattan (the cat) and just get something simple like a parrot." Kids say the darnedest things! I was cracking up inside thinking about "simple like a parrot" as I nursed his wound and pretended to act like the world was indeed coming to an end.


"Oh I don't know, honey. A parrot actually isn't that simple. The require a lot of care," I explained.

He wiped his tears. "What about a big snake?"

Clearly, this is a child who doesn't know his own mother. I'm as likely to get a parrot or snake as I am a chimp. And after hearing about the recent chimp attack on the Connecticut woman, it leaves my wondering why anyone has dangerous exotic pets in their home. I also wonder if the woman now fighting for her life had any children at home with that chimpanzee. I couldn't imagine having an animal that could possible hurt my child around (well, there's Cattan), but I know that many people take pride in their exotic pets and believe that the dangers involved with having them are very slim. We even have a group here on CM called Wildlife and Extrodinary Pets--one member actually has wolves. Wow!

What do you think? Should having exotic/dangerous pets around children be illegal?

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