Science vs. Religion: Teaching Creationism in Public Schools

religion, creationism

According to the New York Times, a leading scientific group "has announced its intention to boycott Louisiana because of a new state law that could open the door to teaching creationism in public schools."


The measure was actually signed into law last summer by LA Gov. Bobby Jindal. The controversial legistative language states that teachers will be allowed to "use supplemental textbooks" in the classroom to "help students critique and review scientific theories."

In response to the law, the major science group the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology announced it would not hold its 2011 annual meeting in New Orleans, opting for Salt Lake City instead. Scientists strongly feel the law is a roundabout way to allow the teaching of creationism--as opposed to evolution--in the classroom.

Do you believe schools should be allowed to teach creationism?

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