Kids as Salespeople

chocolate barDing dong.

"Who is it?"

"It's Alanna from the Girl Scouts, we're selling cookies!"

You oblige because Alanna's a cutie, her mom is standing right there, and well, who doesn't want some Thin Mints? But really, the constant selling that kids are asked to do more and more of these days for schools, clubs and the like, doesn't always feel like a good thing.


Recently, my younger son's daycare center gave every family a box of 52 pieces of chocolate and requested that we sell the entire box. Sure the candy bars are only a buck each, but peddling candy--or anything--is not my idea of quality time with my child, and truthfully, I've never been the pushy, salesperson type. Nobody wants to turn a kid down, and everyone wants to support a good school/cause, but there's something a little uncomfortable about the "saleskid" thing to me.  Most of us feel bad enough about the state of this economy, now do we have to feel guilty about turning a child down too?

What do you think? Should there be a better way to raise money than asking kids (and parents) to sell goods?

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