Sleep-away Camp: Yes or No?


Thanks to Facebook, a girl I met at sleep-away camp 25 years ago, hit me up like we hadn't missed a day. Seeing her name brought back a flood of memories. Camp was a strange experience for me. I reveled in the packing and planning (I imagined myself Miss Independent ever since I was a little girl), but being away from home was actually quite a different thing.


I wasn't competitive, didn't love the rustic outdoors, and really preferred my mother's food. I tried my best at camp, I suppose, but was it for me? Don't really think so.

Annmarque's husband really wants their tween son to go away to camp this summer--dad himself was a camper and feels that it will only be beneficial. Mom on the other hand, never camped a day in her life and wonders if she's just being overprotective by feeling like she's just not ready to send her kid away for a few weeks at a time.

My children aren't old enough for camp just yet, but when they are I'm sure I'll need some convincing. What about you? Will your kids go away to camp this summer? Ever?

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