Do You Hate Your Kid's Friends?

fight, dogsOkay, maybe hate is too strong a word.

But I know I'm not the only mom out there who has some, let's see how I can put this, um, issues with her kid's friend.

Now they started out fine, my boy and his friend we'll call Dave. In fact, our very first playdate as a kindergartner was with Dave. We went to his house, met his interesting, college professor parents, and said hello to his older sibs--including a 10-year-old sister, who didn't return the greeting (was this a sign?).


What I hadn't realized early on was the dynamic between the two boys. My kid is much more of a follower, Dave much more the leader. As the months went by, Dave started to get sort of mean to my son. He'd come home with tales of how Dave wouldn't play with him during outdoor play, or how Dave told someone else not to be my son's friend.

The straw that broke the camel's back for me was when the wrestling began. During outdoor play, apparently, wrestling among the boys had become the activity of choice. Now Dave is about a head taller than everyone else--he's among the older kids in the class and he's got giant parents. But I digress. One day I picked my baby up from school, and he told me that Dave hit him.

In haste I said let's talk about it in the car. Well, which would you like to hear first? How Dave was punching my son in the stomach repeatedly to see how much pain he could take? Or how he punched him in the face?

When my kid said this, I almost went crazy. But when I slowed down enough to examine his face closely and realized that my 5-year-old practically had a black eye, I lost it!

After lecturing my son about not letting anyone hurt him, calls to the teacher and a talk with Dave's mother about how I don't buy the "boys will be boys" thing and that her son had better keep his hands to himself, I felt a little better that this won't happen again. But it surely did nothing to help me like Dave.

Do you dislike any of your kid's friends? Why?

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