Stump: Best in Show! Do You Have a Dog?


photo by greek4pets

Not Stump, but still a winner!

Such a cutie! This year's Westminster Dog Show, "Best in Show" winner is Stump, an adorable Sussex spaniel.

I have to say, days like this start to wear down my defenses against getting a dog. We have a cat already, but my kindergartner wants a doggie so badly--well, either that or a little sister (not happening!)--I'm almost tempted to give in.


But I've never been a dog owner. I know that sounds really weird to people who've had dogs their whole life, but it's just how it's been for me. We didn't have one growing up, so as an adult it never dawned on me to want one--until now. Until the 5-year-old sees precious pups like Stump and begs for one himself. (Stump is actually 10 years old! 70 in doggie years.)

Aren't dogs a whole bunch of work? That's my major concern. I don't want to be responsible for another living thing! It's enough work taking care of my family (and cat) as it is. So dog owners, please, advise me.

When is a child really old enough to take on the responsibility of having a dog? 8? 9? 10? I know I'll give in to the dog request one day--and I won't even make my kid wait until I'm in the White House--but it can't happen until I know he can really handle what it means to have a dog.

Does your family own a dog? Are your kids really good with dogs?

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