When Mommy is Sick

fluIt's literally a miracle that I can write this post. But like moms have been known to do, I'm pushing through the worst flu I've had in years. Years. You name the symptom, and I've got it. I'm hot, cold, achy, nauseous. Really, all I want to do is become a cat--curl up in a ball somewhere, and be left alone.


Not. Just because mommy is sick doesn't mean the show stops. My husband, bless him, tried to do his part this morning, but inevitably needed me. I needed extra sleep, but he couldn't be late today, so no extra sleep. My little one got dropped off with a face covered in oatmeal. Oh well.

But being down like this has me thinking about mothers who are dealing with illness far more intense than the flu. The moms who have chronic health issues--but who love their kids no less. Today, those are the women I'm keeping in mind. I'm thinking about what their struggle must really be--and I'm sending loads and loads of healing energy.

Do you know a mother who is sick? Give her a loving shout-out today!!!

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