Valentine's Day: Gift for the Teacher?

valentines dayI'm so in love with my kid's kindergarten teacher, it's not funny. She really does deserve a juicy apple on her desk (except she has no desk...and is an apple gift enough?). When it was Christmas, all of us parents knew that we had to pull together for her. Folks gave individual gifts, "kiddie" gifts from the kids, and a group gift too.


The thing is, Valentine's Day is not Christmas. So is there a chance that getting her a little something for V-day is taking things too far? Aside from the money issue--which is never really an aside--is there a reason not to get a teacher a Valentine's day gift?

Should it be the usual suspects? Card and candy? What about just letting my son make her something, you know, a 'thought that counts' gift? As you can see, I'm a newbie to the school/teacher/gift situation. One last thing, are you giving your kid's teacher something for Valentine's Day?

Oh, last, last thing: Up to what grade do you do this?

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