Valentine's Day: DIY, Eco-Friendly Crafts

valentine's day

Love this! Julie Finn over at Eco-Child's Play has rounded up some really cool DIY, eco-friendly crafts for you and your sweeties to do this Valentine's Day. I adore a good DIY project--a homemade card especially! So here's her list reprinted (We're definitely making the pretzels!) and if you have more suggestions, do tell!

  • Know who likes to make cards? Kids do. While your kiddos are making Valentines for all their little buddies, sit down with them and make a few handmade cards together to donate to Special Delivery, an Etsy-sponsored project that hopes to be able to hand out bright and cheerful handmade Valentines to thousands of elderly and homebound New Yorkers. Is glitter allowed? No. But is puff paint allowed? Heck, yeah!
  • Bread-making is a terrific science experiment, and the whole wheat makes these heart-shaped Valentine pretzels, recipe courtesy of Maya Made, not the nutrition suck that you’d usually expect from a warm and delicious soft pretzel.
  • We have a multitude of uses for egg cartons in our house. One of the coolest? Egg carton hearts, tutorial presented by A Little Hut.
  • The Ramblings of a Crazy Woman offers a simple tute for making heart-shaped stamps out of sponges, but what else could you use to make heart-shaped stamps? Potatoes? Recycled cardboard? Leaves? It’s an interesting lesson in the creativity underlying reuse.
  • Okay, how many naturally pink foods can you think of? Sew Liberated recommends the humble beet, which, she declares, will give you pink pee. Pink pee! Festive, right?

What are you and the kids making this Valentine's Day?

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