Mandatory Separation of Twins in School

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To separate or not to separate at public school -- that is the question. Some states actually have laws against this. They won't allow twin siblings to learn in the same room with the same teacher. Other states do let moms of multiples make the call.

But as CafeMoms reveal, the choice is still not always easy ...


romeece: "In my district, we have the choice if we want to separate them or not. I chose to separate because they are both severe ADHD and they are worse when together. I separated more for the benefit and sanity of the teacher!"

Teachermom01: "In almost all cases you should opt for separate classes. They need to begin to do things independently and school allows this to happen naturally. I think most twins I know enjoyed the separation. It also allows for the less socially dominant child to blossom in his or her own classroom environment."

4xmommy2008: It depends on the twins. My twin nephews were always struggling to be separate individuals and having them in separate classes was good for them. But they had friends who were also twins and they did better as a "set." They thrived on having each other near and performed badly when they were on their own."

Lilybug524: "My twin girls are going to be in kindergarten next year and I think I would like them in the same class. They've done really well in pre-k. Kindergarten is going to be a big change for them so I think being together will help."

momofmany78: "Our girl twins are in kindergarten this year and they are in the same class. We were going to separate them, but I overheard my oldest daughter mention this to them one day and they were mortified. They kept asking why mommy would do that and why did they have to be in different class. So we requested they be kept together. They are doing quite well."

If you're not sure about the policy in your own state, check out the mandatory twin separation laws state-by-state. 

And if you disagree with what you find, read how some parents fought for parental choice for their twins and won!

Are your twins in separate classrooms -- and did you have a choice? How has it helped or hurt them?

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