Video Cameras in a School Bathroom

camera in bathroom, privacyWeird but true (and thankfully, not in this country).

An outraged father in Wales, Anthony White, recently withdrew his 14-year-old daughter from her school because they installed cameras in the girls bathroom.


The school did that, you ask? Yes. Why, you ask? According to the BBC, because in the past there had been "horseplay," and the misuse of towels and soap.

So the remedy is closed circuit television.

"The whole place is like they're on Big Brother. There are cameras all around the school, outside and in the corridors," the father said, reports the BBC.

The school council said the CCTV footage in the bathroom was only examined if an incident was reported.

Really? Whew. What a relief.

Is it me, or is this the most outrageous invasion of privacy--and a creepy if not totally perv idea?

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