Can Your Kindergartner Tie His Shoes?

shoe laces, kindergartnerPerhaps I'm just overly concerned about something that I shouldn't be thinking about at all. Or maybe it's because taken with the other big boy things my 5-year-old is struggling with, I'm just starting to feel like my son is lagging behind his peers.


There's the coat zipping issue, the eating supersloppy issue, the wiping himself issue, shall I go on? My baby can't tie his shoe! Is this a problem?

Before you say, "Oh mom, take it easy on the kid,"--know that I am. I'm patient, really patient sometimes, but mornings? Not so much. It's not just that he can't do these things, but  most of the time he just shows unwillingness to make an honest effort. It's like he wants my help at every turn--which is what ends up happening, and I can't help but feel like by doing everything for him, I'm crippling him.

Perhaps something like this shouldn't make me feel so guilty, but I do. I just don't know what I'm doing wrong.

Moms, be gentle with me. And leave some tips on how to get this kid tying his own shoes!

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