Is 13 the New 18?

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Moms of tweens, there's a new book out that is very interesting and whose title poses a new theory, "13 is the New 18." Take a minute and think about that one.


Author Beth Harpaz was recently quoted in USA TODAY about her own tween, an 11-year-old 5th grader (her older son is 16). Before I share her wisdom, check out the title of that piece: "It's cooler than ever to be a tween, but is childhood lost?"

So there's clearly a trend in the thinking here. I had given this some thought--this idea of growing up too soon--when it came to teens, but never tweens. However, it's logical to figure that what's happening to the teen population, trickles down to their doting younger sibs, right?

"They're kids for a shorter period of time," said tween psychologist Frank Gaskill in the USA Today story. "More is expected of them academically, responsibility-wise."

But Harpaz, talking about her own tween in the daily, puts it in terms that really mom-resonate: "I'm trying really hard to save his childhood. I want him to enjoy little-boy things and don't want him to feel that he has to put on that big hoodie and wear the $100 sneakers and have that iPod in his ear listening to what somebody has told him is cool music."

I think all tween moms can understand that.

What do you think? Does your tween feel pressure to act older?

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