Harry Potter, Coraline and Dark Side Movies for Kids

The Graveyard will soon be a movie. Oooh.

Are your kids big Harry Potter Fans? Coraline? As a person who is pretty much spooked by her own shadow, getting through books--and later movies--with this much supernatural, dark side stuff is way too much for me. But not for millions of kid fans!


If your brood is into this macabre genre of literature-turned-film, great news! Coraline author Neil Gaiman just got a deal to have The Graveyard Book adapted into a movie. The book just received the the prestigious Newberry Award for children's fiction, and opens "with a triple knifing and follows the story of a toddler who is orphaned by the murders only to be raised in the graveyard by ghoulish but benevolent ghosts."

Ghoulish but benovolent ghosts. Let's see, I think I'll pass. Somebody please have their kid send me a review.

Are your kids Caroline fans? What other books do they love--and can't wait until they become movies?






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