My First Valentine: High School Love is Real

Valentine's Day

Another secret meeting/On the 5th floor stair case/I'm gonna give you this letter/Of all the things I can't say/Want you to be my first, my last, my ending and beginning/I wrote your name in my book/Your last name my first/I'm your Mrs. --lyrics to Teenage Love Affair, Alicia Keys

Yeah, I had a few secret meetings on the 5th floor staircase myself. Who hasn't? High school is the place where your heart first skips a beat over some cute guy--hopefully one that knows you exist!


My first love was a total gentleman, a basketball star and a perfect Valentine. I remember the heart-shaped box of candy and the cheesy stuffed bear he nervously gave me; I thought for sure that my knees would give out on me. For so many years, my only Valentine had been my parents. My mom would always get the sweetest cards and candy for my sis and I; and we looked forward to Valentine's Day each year--but never so much as when boys entered the picture.

It's always interesting to me how adults often brush off high school romance as puppy love. Although those are not usually the relationships that last a lifetime (but of course there are exceptions!), they are the formative ones that first show us how amazing it is to be in love. Unfortunately, those are also usually the relationships that introduce us to heartbreak too. These high school loves are important relationships, mom. Just remember how it felt to talk on the phone to your sweetie late at night. Sigh...

Does your teen have a Valentine? Do you remember your first love? Do your significant other and your first love have anything in common?

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