F-Bomb: Has Your Kid Ever Dropped One?

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Put a muzzle on that kid!

Okay, so Christian Bale's somewhat nutty explosion on the set of his new movie, produced exactly 36 F-bombs in under 4 minutes. Wow. That's a lot of cursing.


But when you have impressionable kids--especially teens-- who look up to movie stars, news of a guy like this going off this way can send an effin' bad message. :) You wouldn't believe how many times a week an anonymous mom on CM asks, "How can I get my kids to stop cursing?" I'm not sure what the answer is, but I can't imagine today's news about the Batman star being a good thing for those mothers.

Yesterday, my 3-year-old said, "Dam**t." Yes, I know he got it from me. (Washing my mouth out as we speak). But the F-word? I don't dare let that one slip. Because if he ever says that, oh God, I'll die.

Has your kid ever dropped an F-bomb? WHAT DID YOU DO?

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