Double Punishment


We all like to think our kids are angels, but that’s often not the case. Whether it’s a call from the school informing us that our child has misbehaved in class, or that little slip of discipline paper they sheepishly hand over for you to sign when they get home, having to deal with school disciplinary problems is not fun for you, the teacher, or the child.


With punishments in schools ranging from time-out rooms to expulsions, I have to wonder if the punishment the child received at school was already enough ... is it necessary to punish at home as well?

JenO1818 says "I don't, if he already got in trouble for it, why beat a dead horse. I just talk to him about it when he gets home, like what did you do, did you learn your lesson, etc."

gmasboy feels that it depends on the crime. "It all depends on what type of trouble he got into and how it was handled by the teacher before I decide whether or not he needs further punishment. If it's not serious, then no, we just have a talk and that is it.

"Children will learn by their mistakes as we all have done and as a parent I don't think adding insult to injury for something minor is necessary. Something bigger, then we have a different story and again it depends on how the teacher handled it."

mommytoadam says she thinks kids should be punished at home for misbehavior at school. "Absolutely. I'm his parent and I want him to know that his teacher and I communicate so I know what punishment was given, the crime commited, etc."

Which types of bad behavior do you feel deserve double punishment?  

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