Would You Leave the Kids to Do a Reality Show?

reality show, relaxation, balanceEvery now and then I like to create random scenarios and then poll you guys on it. It's a great way to see if you're thinking like most moms on some issues, or if like me, you tend to be swimming upstream! Have fun with this one. I'm still undecided.


You're a SAHM. You've got kids aged 10, 6, and 2 years old. Lovely little family you are, except that mom feels burned out. Between shuttling folks to friends, games and school, you are officially a taxi. We won't even talk about homework. The baby is having a bout of sleepless nights and has just started potty training. Dad's in the picture; he works darn hard, but at home he's just, eh. (Put it like this, dinner and dishes are not his thing.) Oh, if you only had more balance in your life, just a minute to get it all together. Turns out your girlfriend, the one who totally knows your struggle, has submitted your name to a new reality show about "burned out moms who need balance!" They really like your profile and would love to include you! Great!

Did I mention that it's four weeks of shooting---1000 miles aways from home?


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What are your favorite reality shows? Are real moms on them?

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