Super Bowl Sunday!

It's Super Bowl Sunday, moms! Are you cheering because you've got a favorite team to win (Go, Cards!), or because it's the last football game of the season and now you just might get back the TV? LOL!

Well, what are the rugrats up to today? Are they going to kiddie superbowl parties or hanging out with you at one?


Will you be serving nachos and dip, or just enjoying some guilty superbowl food somewhere else? And how about those commercials? And Half-time! I can't wait to see what happens this year--ever since Janet Jackson's "nipplegate" year, the half-time show has been kind of lame, I mean, tame.

Okay gotta run, we've got a YMCA bday party (of all things), and then a superbowl party back at the birthday girl's the parents' house.

What's up with your Superbowl Sunday? Hit me if you can! (Did I say, "Go, Cards?!")

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