Left-Handed Kids. Genius!

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She's a lefty!

What do Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama have in common? (Duh, besides Presidency.) They're all lefties!


Several years ago, ABC News reported that tests conducted in New York found there were more left-handed people with IQs over 140 than right-handed people. How come I'm not surprised by that? I have a lifetime of personal experience with a lefty little sister who randomly knows so much about so much, we call her "Doctor." But let's just say my anecdotal evidence isn't enough proof to confirm a peculiar brand of lefty intelligence.

Well, did you know that 4 of the 5 original MacIntosh computer designers were lefties? (Macs rock!) Then there's Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendricks and speaking of genius artists, Michealangelo. Now consider that Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton and Benjamin Franklin were all left-handed, and it totally makes you go, hmmm.

But the flip side is that left-handed children have particular problems in learning basic skills mostly because they have the wrong tools. For example, cutting out simple shapes using scissors can be a real challenge for young left-handed children forced to use right-handed scissors. According to lefthandersday.com, "Left-handed scissors have the blades reversed so that the child can follow the cutting line and so that the natural squeezing movement of the left hand pushes the blades together to make them cut rather than pushing them apart so that the card or paper gets stuck sideways inside the blades.

...Left-handed writing requires a correct grip and paper positioning. If [a child] is made to write like right-handers, but using their left hand, they often end up with a very cramped position and a "hook" wiring style that is painful and slow."

Still, even though lefties have a few disadvantages, they remain a secret fascination to the rest of us. We all know South-paws have something special.  jdrae13's daughter just did a science fair project on lefties. mommysquared says neither she nor her hubby are left-handed, but both of their kids are! We even have a group here on CM called, what else? Left Handed Children.

Are you a lefty? Do you have a left-handed child? Do you think there is any difference between left and right-handed kids?

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