Body Piercings: Should a 12-Year-Old Be Allowed to Get Them?

body piercings, tween girlsThere aren't many situations that make me grateful that I don't have girls (I wanted girls my whole life!), but this might just be one of them. Auntmeme611 wants to know, should a 12-year-old be allowed to get body piercings? The top of her ears, her nose, belly button and tongue to be precise.


This isn't such a strange desire coming from a tween, soon-to-be-teen. Piercings and tattoos are personal statements, and you tell me if there is a time in a girl's life when she is more pressed to make a personal statement than at 12. The thing is, some stuff is irreversible, some stuff sends out the wrong message, some stuff is suggestive--you know, sexual--in a way a 12-year-old might not mean. To me body piercings fall into that category.

But what do other CafeMoms think?

"In my opinion, some of those piercings should wait a couple more years at least, but I am not her mom or dad. If it was my child I would compromise with the top of the ears but ask her to wait until she is 15 or 16 for any others, and at that we will discuss what she wants and where," says  JAJA_Steele.

"I had the top of my ear pierced at 11 or 12, my bellybutton at 15, and I'm still waiting for my nose. What really matters is what her parents think," says SThompson21.

"Top of the ears, I would say okay, but NO WAY on the nose and tongue and belly button. Nose at 15, but belly button and tongue not until shes 18 and can pay for it herself!" says aliciatron.

And just when I was about to say you girls are way more open-minded than me...

"Not my daughter," says TXdanielly.

Happy to know I'm not the only stick-in-the-mud--and I don't even have a daughter! So what do you think? Should a 12-year-old be allowed to get body piercings?

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