Keeping Growth Charts

big girl, growing up

photo by kevinsgirl

I really chuckled when I read a Toddler Buzz post yesterday. In it, Cafe Cynthia recalls how her mom would chart her growth as a child with marks on a wall. Up the line went until she was about 6-years-old. Today, as a mom herself however, Cafe Cynthia has no interest in this ancient mommy ritual of writing on one's own wall (she's had enough of crayon marks apparently), otherwise known as charting your kids growth.


Funny, I think I may have inherited the "growth chart gene" my colleague didn't get. Just like her mom, my kitchen wall has markings, each line representing a milestone in my boys' physical growth. I glance at it every now and then and smile at the idea of my babies getting so big. Oh, where does the time go?

Do you keep a growth chart of your children--either one you made or a real one--at home?

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