"My Name Isn't Mommy!"

African American, toddlers, brothers

My boys as babies!

"Moooommmmmmm!" shouts my older son up the stairs (when he can just as easily come up here, or maybe, just maybe, even wait until I'm off the toilet).

"Yes?!  Good lord (under my breath). WHAT IS IT?!" I shout back down the stairs.


"My crayon broke! Can you help me find another purple crayon?" Here's where my eyes roll up into the back of my head and threaten to get stuck there. Breathe.

"Mommy's busy right now!" I shout back, in a voice generally weak from answering ill-timed, ridiculous requests--and from answering them while on the GD commode. Then all of a sudden, I hear myself talking and I crack up so hard I almost fall off the seat. Mommy's busy right now. Um, why do I refer to myself as "Mommy?"

Actually, why do any of us do that is what I'd like to know. It was my best friend, J, who doesn't yet have children of her own, who first asked me that really good question. I was stumped then, and I guess I still am now. I mean, do normal people go around referring to themselves in the third person?

Mommy's busy. Mommy's tired. Mommy'll be right there. Mommy loves you. Mommy is disappointed--go over there and apologize to your brother before Mommy puts you on time out!

My name is not even Mommy!

When talking to your kids, do you constantly refer to yourself as "Mommy?" Uh, why?

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