12-Year-Old Saves Children of the World

global crisis, starving childrenHere I go with another admission. Sometimes, when those Save The Children-type commercials come on, I hurry up and change the channel. Oh believe me, it's not that I don't care. I care to a fault; the sight of those desperate kids suffering in the myriad ways that they do leaves me literally bawling sometimes. So with the remote in hand, rather than succumb to depressed feelings of despair about the state of the world's most innocent people--when it's too much, I flip to something I can handle, say like the Tyra Banks Show.


Good thing 12-year-old Jessica from Connecticut is nothing like me. After researching education in Africa for a seventh-grade project , she was called to action. Already a Save the Children sponsor of a child in Mali, one of the world's poorest countries, Jessica organized a walkathon to fund construction of a school there. She put up posters she wrote herself. She designed donation cans and set them in stores. She challenged friends to a fund-raising contest. Last spring she actually raised $5,000 toward that school. While she was doing that, I was watching Tyra talk to celebs.

Time to about face. Who am I fooling? Apathy is wack. If Jessica is brave enough to face and take on the issues of needy children of the world, so should I. In 09, I'm not turning the channel anymore--and I'm letting my own children in on a big secret. Yes, we can save the world.

Have you ever donated time or money to organizations that work on behalf of the world's needy children? Would you consider it?

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