18, in College--and at Home

graduation, independence

photo by nicoleacosta

Next stop, college!

She's old enough to join the Marines, but that's not the issue. Your 18-year-old lives in your house--and there is no sign of her leaving anytime soon.

When children become "of age," (a term I always found so relative), expectations from the world certainly change. But do expectations at home? Many parents have an 18-year-old in college, yet still at home. It's one thing if a child graduates high school and then does nothing--no college or work--they clearly should get no special privileges.


But when a responsible, mature 18-year-old is trying to establish independence--while home--mom's are left trying to figure out what the new rules should be. Later curfew or none at all? Chores or does college count for everything? The opposite sex sleeping over? Whoa, whoa, wait a minute.

Moms of Teens, a private group here on CM talks in-depth about issues just like this.

What are the new rules for your 18+, live-at-home college student?

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