"I Don't Like My Kid"

photo by Kandee19

Oh, come on, when you're this cute, what's not to like?

I remember the look on my co-worker's face when I said it. She was childless, and seemed to care less about kids in general, but for some reason she'd taken to my true-life tales of toddler and infant  mommyhood. Well, it was as if I'd shouted some politically incorrect, Earth-shaking, offensive slur across the room. But I hadn't. After a rough, only-a-mother-could-understand morning with my then tantrum-toting 3-year-old, all I said was, "Girl, I really don't like my kid."


Utter shock befell my co-worker. Disbelief. Confusion. Despair. I could see her mind racing. "I should get away from this woman," it said. In jest--so she pretended--she told everyone else on the job. Wonderful.

We no longer work together, but when I saw my former co-worker recently she asked, "How are the kids? How's the big one, the one you don't like?"

Okay, my intention was never to leave that lasting an impression. Geez. Excuse me? I shot back.

Ladies, I have learned an important lesson: in any given moment, admitting that you temporarily don't like your kid is strictly for the ears of other mothers. (Unless of course, you all gang up on me here, and say you've never heard of such a thing--which, of course, I wouldn't believe.)

Who else has ever had the passing feeling of not liking their kid?  Elainecat is with me, she just put up a desperate Q about her 11-year-old son, whose behavior is driving her mad. Anyone else? Stand up, be counted!

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