Is Privacy for a Teenager a Privilege or a Right?

photo by ilovemykids85

This one is touchy. I stumbled on a discussion about teenage privacy that really sucked me in. An anonymous mother wanted to know what the rest of us think about a parent removing a teen's bedroom door. The second part to the question was even trickier--is it legal?


The answers from CM moms run the gamut, but it seems most everyone agrees that the first barometer should really be: what did she/he do? There's a general consensus that with teen parenting in particular, the punishment should always fit the crime.

Privacy laws for teens vary from state to state, but generally speaking, the more controversial issues are around the question of a teen's right to certain medical treatment such as birth control or abortion without parental notification. I even found one case about a lesbian teens' legal right to remain "closeted" from her parents. As for the door thing, I couldn't dig up anything on whether or not it is actually illegal to remove one (definitely let me know if you have any real info on this). It seems moms agree, though, that a door should never be removed  "just because." If a teenager is engaging in dangerous behavior, different story. In that case, many moms say the door should come off; the notion being that privacy is earned. 

AvasMommy810, however disagrees with even that reason for removing a door. Hear her out: "Kids will have sex, cut themselves, smoke cigarettes, smoke pot, drink, etc. with or without a door. They'll just do it somewhere else or in the bathroom. Taking a bedroom door off is pointless and unnecessary. If she is doing that stuff I suggest taking her to counseling and family therapy." But blessed5x  found that removing her daughter's door was immediately effective: "When my oldest daughter was 15 she decided to be a disrespectful sassy brat...I told her that I understood her frustration towards me, but in her anger she can not be disrespectful...and if she slammed the door again I would take the door off the hinges. She did it again and I had my hubby take the door off until she apologized...She never did that again, it only lasted one day before she was repenting!" So, what are your feelings about teens and privacy? Have you or would you ever remove a bedroom door?

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